Friday, April 01, 2016

Great week for this blog community

First, Ed Kim was on CNN to talk about the Tesla Model 3.

Second, this weekend, Tarlan is going to be a marshal at the Bahrain Grand Prix. I am temporarily suspending my boycott of the Bahrain race to look for Tarlan in the background.

And finally, thank you Ed from Belgium for answering my questions. It's like a virtual pen pal system.


Ed Kim said...

Wow, thanks for the plug!! :) They promised me a link to the video, but never did unfortunately.

Tarlan said...

:) Hope you enjoyed the race same as me. To be honestly i couldn't watch the race properly, it is almost impossible from the marshall point. I watching F1 for nearly 20 years, got 1Tb hard disc full with the races videos starts from early 70-s and expect that I'm familiar with what's going on at the track, but I lost my plot after 15th lap :) At that time i can only following the leaders: Nico, Kimi and Lewis, the rest of the field mixed with pit stops, overtakes and retirements. There wasn't any big screens near my post ( turn 12) so the only way to monitor the race was radio with informations from race control to marshalls prior issuing blue flags and small monitor located on cameraman near to my post.
But is absolutely amazing experience for me, that was dream come true! You can buy the tickets to grandstand or even to VIP area but it's impossible to watch the race from the point where i was standing for nearly 2 hours. And of course as a race officials we had an access to restricted areas, meet with the drivers, took selfies, touch them etc ;) I also got some peace of carbon felt from Lewis car and bring it back home with me :)
it is kind of big festival for 3 days around the track, entertainment, concerts, celebrities and souvenirs. I meet a lot of people from all over the world, in my team at post 12 were Saudi guys came from Abu-Dhabi, Indians (there isn't f1 race in India anymore but they still have marshall license and participating in the races), Azeri ( that was me, he he) American F15 pilots from Fifth Fleet military base located in Bahrain and of course excellent team of Bahraini marshalls who is supporting all the motorsports events at this track starts from 2004. It is good experience for me as petrolhead, race lover and even from my professional point of view, I've seen a lot of "behind the scene" actions and as operation professional with a lot of hard projects behind my shoulders i can tell you that the operational side of this event is more complicated than 24/7 work at oil and gas industry where i spend my last 15 years :)