Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Foreign bases in Djibouti

Happenin' place.

  • Camp Lemonnier (USA). 4,500 troops and contractors conduct missions against AQ in Yemen and al-Shabab in Somalia. $60m a year in rent. The camp used to be a French Foreign Legion post.
  • Chabelley Airfield (USA). A second American base just for drones. Drones used to fly in and out of Lemonnier, which shared runways with Djibouti's international airport. However, after a few drones crashed into populated areas, the drones were moved out of Lemonnier.
  • Airbase 188 (France). 10 Mirages are at the base, which is at the international airport.
  • 5th Overseas Interarms Regiment (France). Infantry housed in the Monclar and Briere de L'Isle Districts.
  • Naval base under construction (China). $20m a year in rent. Logistics hub for anti-piracy ops and evacuating citizens from Yemen. First overseas base for China.
  • Japanese base. Japan's only foreign base. Consists of two destroyers, patrol helicopters, and two P-3C Orions.

  • Spanish and German soldiers from the EU's anti-piracy force stay at the Kempinski and Sheraton hotels.


Ripituc said...

Super interesting! I had no idea about this. Always like to see those JSDF Komatsus.

m4ff3w said...

Get Djibouti on the floor tonight... make my day....


Djibouti is a happening spot indeed.