Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mercury Marauder in Oakland

I was walking in Oakland yesterday when I passed by a 55ish year old guy checking the engine bay of his street parked car. I assumed it was an ordinary Crown Victoria, but the engine looked funny. And when I saw the tiny trunk lid spoiler, I circled back and asked if it was a Marauder. I guess what really got me confused was that it wasn't black.

The enthusiastic owner told me that it was indeed a Marauder. It's his second one, in fact. His first one had died. He described it as a street legal Nascar.

As for colors:
2003 – Total: 7838 (328 Dark Pearl Blue, 417 Silver Birch, 7093 Black)
2004 – Total: 3214 (980 Dark Toreador Red, 997 Silver Birch, 1237 Black)
After my appointment, I went back to the car but the owner was gone. I left my card on his windshield, asking him for an interview.
Here is a Motorweek review. I had always thought that it was supercharged. Wrong.

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