Saturday, October 24, 2015

I think I "fixed" my rear fog light issue

A week or two after the driver's side LED taillight assembly was replaced, I started getting a message on my dashboard that said something like "REAR FOGLIGHT FAILURE". The message appeared some time between one to 30 minutes after I started the engine. But without fail, on every trip, I would get the message along with a ding-dong chime.

After looking on the Saab boards, it appears the rear fog light is just on the driver's side. This may be obvious to you Europeans, but we Americans do not use rear fog lights.

I'm taking the car in on Monday for an oil change and wanted my Saab guy to check the light issue. But I tried something simple today. I checked the owner's manual to see where the rear foglight button was, turned the light on and off, and the message has not appeared since. I think I "fixed" it!

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Charles Lee said...

Rear fog lights are just frank annoying. I've yet to encounter a situation where it actually is necessary, and I live in a city known for its morning fog. As far as I can determine, rear fog lights are used only by jerks in BMW and Audi (never seen it used on a Mercedes or VW) on perfectly clear nights, and clueless drivers (who really shouldn't be on the road) in Peugeot (not Citroen or other plebian Euro makes, just Peugeot).