Monday, October 19, 2015

An afternoon in Downtown LA

As a kid growing up in suburban (and safe) Orange County, I was forbidden from going to (dangerous) Los Angeles. Yesterday, I visited downtown LA and had a great time.

The first stop was The Broad Museum. Tract home mega-developer Eli Broad has an eclectic contemporary art collection and it's on display at the new museum next to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I'm not an art connoisseur, but I thoroughly enjoyed everything. Plus, it's free! Here are my favorites:

Thomas Struth:

Semi-Submersible Rig:

Florence Gallery Audience:

Jeff Wall's Dead Troops Talk (Red Army In Afghanistan):

I then met up with a friend at the remodeled Clifton Cafeteria. The line for food was 50 deep, so we settled for a cocktail at the bar.

We then walked over to Cole's for a French dip. Cole's and the nearby Philippe both claim to be the inventor of the sandwich. Mine, with tater tots, did not disappoint.


Ed Kim said...

The Broad was absolutely spectacular. I don't even know where to start. We did Clifton's too a few weeks back (re-opening weekend, actually), and I'm definitely a fan of Cole's over Philippe's. Did you happen to bring your #100ThingsLA book? ;)

Maxichamp said...

@Ed: I totally forgot about the book!