Sunday, October 11, 2015

Alameda Car Show 2015

Yesterday, I spent the morning at a car show in Alameda. To long time Murilee Martin fans, Alameda is The Island That Rust Forgot.

I'm not a huge fan of American classics and muscle cars, but there were enough oddballs to keep me occupied. These two Pinto wagons were the first to catch my attention.

My favorite car at the show was this Thunderbird wagon conversion. It was featured a few years ago on Nice Price or Crack Pipe and it's now for sale again by the same owner for $15,000. The Samsonite luggage comes with the car. If you want to buy the suitcases separately, the set is $1,000.

Another Ford.

Ford engine.

Is this a Sterling kit car?

Old school Sears air conditioner.

I had no idea this was a Jaguar at first. I thought it was a Bentley. It's huge.

I bumped into S, the cat who bought my Phaeton. He showed me a four-seater he bought recently.

The interior, I must admit, is even more luxurious than the one I had.

After the car show, we had lunch at Cam Huong. I had to try the Number 7, the seafood soup. The cashier who took my order warned me like I was a dumbass-- Number 7 has anchovies! I KNOW!

I'm going to catch another car show today (Sunday) in Alameda.


Francisco said...

Love this 4 Seater. what year?

HouseOfCadillacs said...

It's a 2005 V8, Chestnut wood, technology package, 158k miles

Richard Chen said...

That Vista-Bird: Also has seats from a Plymouth Sapporo.

Ripituc said...

The Bird is SO beautiful! 15k doesn't sound excesive to me.