Monday, October 19, 2015

2015 Street Neo Classics

Since Toyota is moving its U.S. headquarters from Los Angeles to Texas, @rchen and I decided to visit its museum collection ASAP while it was still in California. The visit coincided with a classic Japanese car show. I'll put up the museum photos in a future post.

Four-wheel steering Galant.

One of two Centuries. You drove this one, right, Alan?

I really dig the Soarer. My companion? Not so much.

500,000+ mile Acura Legend coupe with a manual transmission.

That autograph on the dash is by Shigeru Uehara.

This blue sub-50k mile Honda Prelude belongs to ChrisGreenCar.

After getting the gist of the cars at the show, we walked around the Toyota campus, looking for the museum. We found this lot full of alternative fuel Toyotas behind a nondescript building.

This GMC Syclone, and a Lotus Esprit, were by far the oddest cars parked at this Japanese car meet.

Here is the other Soarer at the show.

And a look at ChrisGreenCar's Prelude's engine bay.


ANF said...

Not that one, but a similar generation MkI car. It belongs to my friend Andrew whose essay on the car was featured on Petrolicious. It's an 84 with less than 10k miles and is pristine. He's selling it for $12k and I am considering selling an organ.

Charles Lee said...

How do I not know there's a Toyota museum in LA?! Is it in Torrance? Do you know when it's closing?

Maxichamp said...

@Charles: It is in Torrance. They said the cars will be moved in 2017.

Honda has a similar museum in SoCal.

Maxichamp said...

@Charles: Correction. 2016, not 2017.

Chrisgreencar said...

Great meeting you Sunday. You and Rich got your photo with my car (not taken by me -- I'm in the photo too!)

Maxichamp said...

@ChrisGreenCar: Ha! Thanks for bringing the 'Lude.

Tyson said...

Hey, thanks for the feature! That's my old Acura Legend. Glad you enjoyed the show. Great pics from the Toyota Museum, too.