Sunday, October 25, 2015

2015 Oktoberfest Cruise In

More pics via Slirt here.


slirt said...

thanks for sharing :)

Ed Kim said...

I'm pretty sure I know that very 205 GTI! In the 90s, I actually considered buying it; I saw it at the Monterey Historics and chatted up the owner, who was part of the Renault R5 Turbo club and wanted one of those and wanted to let his Pug go. Nice guy, and we kept a dialogue going for a long time. Ultimately, $10,000 was a little too much for a fresh college grad to spend on a second car, and for obvious reasons I didn't want to have it as my sole car and daily driver (otherwise, his $10K asking price would have been doable).

Fast forward to maybe 10 years ago, and I saw the car again parked on a street in Long Beach, and I left a note on the windshield. The new owner (not the same guy I had originally talked to in the 90s) called back and confirmed it was the same car I had seen years earlier. He told me that his girlfriend daily drove a 405 Mi16. How cool is that?

No interest in selling, of course, but I've seen that car here and there ever since. Cool to see it's still running and looking as good as it ever did!

Ripituc said...

That Honda is sooooo amazing!!