Sunday, September 06, 2015

San Francisco Nissan dealership has crazy used car inventory

Thanks to Chris, who pointed this place out. Let's go there!


m4ff3w said...


That dealership must be ran by the guy that posted my favorite CL ad ever:

"'85 Maserati Biturbo (twin turbo intercooled) with 37K miles, titled, needing minor restoration (wiring, exhaust, seat covers, one turbo rebuilt) for $2,500.

'72 Lotus Europa racecar, not street legal (bill of sale only) rebuilt RARE twin-cam BIG VALVE enging with dual WEBER head, rebuilt and powder-coated trans, frame redone, most fiberglass done, new windshield, most parts to finish. Dynoed engine according to previous owner. Minilites, fender flares, built-in roll bar, and will make awesome track car when done. $5,000

'77 Matra Bagheera S -- 3-seat mid engine sportscar, titled, likely only RHD Matra here in the US, Hodec conversion from England and still has its English license plate on the front. small crack in corner of windshield, 4-speed SIMCA engine, Campagnelo wheels, sunroof, GT unibody fiberglass bonded to metal, needs interior freshening and tires, awesome performance. $5,000

Might trade for backhoe with trailer, 4x4ATV, Harley, or combination cash and partial trade. Don't need a job, so don't ask...."

Edvin said...

I used to have a white 9000 CD exactly like that one. :)

Francisco said...

Did they sold the 9-5 6 cylinder already that they had? - that was tempting me something fierce for days.... Instead I went with yet another highly complex & temperamental unicorn to add to my stable. - Will show it to you when I return after 9/16

Maxichamp said...

@Francisco: Can't wait!

mtc said...

Dat Peugeot 505 wagon tho.

Anonymous said...

I believe the guy responsible for all the cool oldies is Jeremy, former mgr at Park Ave SAAB Lotus, just outside of NYC. I purchased a SAAB wagon from him a few years ago. He is probably the best car salesman I have ever done business with. Loves old cars, esp old Euros, extremely helpful and accommodating.