Monday, September 07, 2015

Old Land Cruiser versus old Range Rover

The Land Cruiser seems to lose to the Rover in terms of comfort, refinement, and on-road capabilities.

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MattC said...

This is all you need to know about Range Rovers. Back in the early 1990's, a friend of mine was a general contractor and decided to purchase a brand new Range Rover. He was in charge of several new home development and would routinely use the Range Rover (as the marketing indicated) slightly off road as the streets were not paved entering the developments. Well 3 months into his ownership, his transmission literally seizes, He call the Range Rover toll free service line and explained where his truck was located. The RR service line tech stated that they would not be able to tow because he was several feet off road (again in a semi completed housing development with tamped down dirt roadways). They also would not honor the warranty because of his "excessive" off road use.

Long story short, he eats the cost of the transmission and promptly unloads the worthless lump. On my suggestion, he buys an early 90's used Nissan Pathfinder and proceeded to use the truck as intended .Every time I see someone gush over a new Range Rover, I keep thinking it is just "lipstick on a pig".