Saturday, September 05, 2015

Do you have a dashcam?

I'm considering getting one to capture the cool/odd cars I see on the road on a daily basis. For example, yesterday, I saw a white McLaren and a Saab 9-7. Do you have one? Which make/model do you recommend? Any other tips or advice?

Bozi at Hoonable recommends the Black Box G1W.


Sanchez said...

You'd be surprised but being a driver from a post-Soviet country I don't have a dashcam.

Peter Secor said...

I don't have one but know several people in other countries that have used them to quickly forestall a potential insurance fraud where a pedestrian ran into their car on purpose and then pretended to be hurt on the street. I haven't seen that kind of behavior in the Bay Area, but have had a couple people (including yesterday) stop short in front of me significantly in advance of a stop light/sign and then look a little surprised and disappointed that I didn't hit them from behind.