Thursday, September 17, 2015

10 Honda generations

Civics have been so ubiquitous for so long, they're an integral part of our lives.

1st: Mom's Civic

2nd: The "new" Civic, compared to mom's Civic

3rd: Cheap Civic in school; took a road trip to Santa Barbara for Halloween in one with three other guys

4th: Roommate had one; probably the most dependable car ever

5th: What people were driving in grad school

6th: What friend's younger brother drove; ugly

7th: What my wife has been driving for 11 years

8th: When Honda started losing its way

9th: There's a 9th generation?

10th: The future


Alan said...

Third, fourth and fifth are my favorite, especially the fourth. Honda really used to stand for advanced design and engineering. Clean, easily recognizable corporate styling too--functional and unapologetically Japanese like a good 80's Sony cassette deck or alarm clock.

I'd argue they lost their way with the seventh

mtc said...

Agreed on the Fourth. A high-water mark for the model.