Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Maserati Quattroporte V

I had a lunch appointment today and my date has one of these. I followed him from his office to the restaurant and boy, is it purdy. I asked him about the reliability. He obliquely said that it was okay reliability-wise and he doesn't drive it too much. I don't know how to read the fact that he didn't want to talk about the car. Might be a sore subject.

In other news, the Saab is going to the shop on Thursday. The part for the broken brake light is finally in.


m4ff3w said...

Way back in the day when I first got interested in BiTroubles, I somehow got on a Maserati marketing list. I received a flyer in the mail offering a $100 gift card to Flemming's Steakhouse if I drove the '06 Quattroporte.

I phoned the dealer and spoke with a sales guy, I explained that I had not the means to purchase the car and asked if I could come in, check out the car, and have him sign it. I wouldn't take up any of his time. He kindly said to come on in and we'd take it for a drive any way. The car was quicker than I imagined, though not a whole lot quicker than my current XJR. It sounded great though.

I thanked the sales guy for his time and sure enough, a few weeks later I received the gift card in the mail. I made reservations online for my wife and I, for a nice night out. It was a very welcome date night when they were few and far between. Six months later, I received an email from Flemming's asking me to complete a survey on their online reservation system, in exchange for a $50 gift card.

Thanks Maserati!

steve-vh said...

My wife has been wanting one of these bad. That or a Fiat 500 crossover.......