Sunday, May 10, 2015

How about a manual Honda CR-Z?

For sale at Buggybank. Think of it as a bigger 2-door Insight.

Reviewed by Jeff Glucker.


Charles Lee said...

I've driven one, but unfortunately it was automatic (CVT I think). It's less nimble than you think it would be, in part imposed by the hybrid powertrain, and in part by design. I also found that the steering is a bit dull, which can be dangerous since it has a *lot* of grip. I pushed it as far as I was comfortable with, but I had no idea how far I was away from its limit, due to the lack of communication from the steering wheel.

I only had it for about an hour, so can't comment on its fuel economy. There isn't a lot of room for cargo, but the dog would probably have a good time in the hatch area (assuming it doesn't get cooked in the Californian sun).

Richard Chen said...

Buy and we shall have a TSUKUBA 5-LAP BATTLE!

MattC said...

I have an 2011 Insight as my commuter car. It averages well above the EPA ratings (In fact today my car averaged 52.3mpg over 100 commuting miles). It is reliable, quiet, and perfect for a mindless commuter car. But....

I like the CR-Z very much and am considering it as my next commuter car. The newer CR-Z has a different battery pack and an added "overboost " feature that allows several seconds of additional passing power. (most forum members are experiencing low 40's mpg with commuting type driving and mid 30's with spirited driving). I have also seen one at a local autocross event be really competitive. I want to pick that owner's mind because he has done some upgrades.

The Cr-Z will have the typical super easy Honda shifting and clutch feel. The engine is an upgraded 1.5L vs 1.3L in the Insight and the battery pack of the newer ones is more energy dense. The steering( if like the Insight is electric and on the dull side).

Let us know what you think. (