Monday, May 18, 2015

2006 Saab, just a 6-hour train ride away

2006 9-3 wagon with the 2 liter turbo 4. 66,000 miles. Original owner in Boulder, Colorado, drove 6,500 miles a year and had it meticulously maintained at the dealership. Late last year, it was bought by the second owner for his wife. The wife really wanted a convertible, not a dumb wagon. So it's now for sale

The town where the car resides is nowhere near a major airport. So, the car will be taken to a shop for an inspection tomorrow morning. And if/once the deal is made, I will take a train there to pick it up.

And yes, it has an automatic. I am getting tired of looking for a car.


mtc said...

Buy it, then continue searching for a manual. This will tide you over until then. I like stopgap cars for this very reason- they'll prevent you from getting bored or losing your mind in the meantime ;)

Francisco said...

How fast can you get to Virginia? If this one checks out it could be really good - Its a 5SPD and seems well taken care of - a bit high if he wants more than $16-17K:

mtc said...


CA to VA = ~ 4500km

W8 = money pit lying in wait

Lukas said...

Re stop-gap cars - do you 'mericans have to pay any taxes or fees when buying or seling cars?

Here we have stamp duty, which is x% of the sale or market value. Add to that registration transfer fees including insurance, and there are significant extra costs involved.

Maxichamp said...

@Lukas: The buyer has to pay a nominal registration fee (like $100-150) plus a 9%ish sales tax.