Saturday, May 02, 2015

Honda of Oakland vandalized

I'm the schmuck who still takes his base model 2004 Honda Civic to a dealer for servicing, for the entire 100,000+ mile life of the car. Why?

1. I have minor OCD and want, for documentation purposes, to have all the repairs done at the same place.
2. When I moved out of Oakland in 2005, I wanted to continue to contribute to the tax base there so I vowed to have our Honda and Acura worked on by people in Oakland.

Honda of Oakland is based along Oakland Auto Row. Over the decades, fewer and fewer new car dealerships remained. Oakland needs these businesses because big ticket items like cars help generate the revenue the city desperately needs for essential services.

And this is what happened last night during the May Day/Freddie Gray protest. That's Honda of Oakland:

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Ripituc said...

Such assholes. Also, where were the cops supposed to protect these bussineses?