Friday, May 08, 2015

British election results and sexy politician

I haven't been following the campaigning closely, but these results are borderline shocking.

Party: Seats won (Net compared to last election)
Conservatives: 331 (+24)
Labour: 232 (-26)
Scottish National Party: 56 (+50)
Liberal Democrats: 8 (-49)
Democratic Unionist Party: 8 (0)
Other: 15 (+2)

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Charles Lee said...

I'm actually not surprised. This is what the results mean (in the context of media coverage in the run-up):

1. News media have a liberal bias in the UK, especially when the conservatives are in power. I know this sounds like a cliche, but it plays out in AU/NZ every day.
2. The swing voters are unhappy with how things are, but they have absolutely zero faith in Labour.
3. The Scots were funneled to the SNP by a hard-line Tory and less-hard-line Labour. The Scots have a chip on their shoulder because they perceive themselves as second class citizens, even Scotland as a whole benefits from income transfer.
4. UKIP is a joke. Everybody suspected it, and it has now been confirmed.
5. LibDem sold their soul to be in power with the Tory, and are now paying the price.

This is exactly how I predicted the election would turn out. I do benefit from not reading/watching any UK election coverage though.