Saturday, May 30, 2015

Manual transmission Jaguar S-Type for sale

I didn't know this even existed until someone here told me about it a week or two ago. Like its sister the Lincoln LS, the manual transmission is only available with the V6 engine. This example looks like it's in very good shape, but the asking price is three times more than what Kelley Blue Book says it's worth.

Also, on a Jaguar board, someone noted that neither Getrag nor Jaguar will support internal parts for the transmission.


Sanchez said...

Jaguar also offers manual for F Type and new XE (diesel). Other cars you never knew had MT are last gen Porsch Cayenne (only base 3.6 petrol before restyling), Mazda CX-7 in Europe.

Francisco said...

So what happened with the Saab Wagon? Or decided, "screw it, a Nissan Versa for me this year"

Maxichamp said...

@Francisco: Seller is always out of town. Have not had a chance to take it in for an inspection yet.