Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Saab 9-4X

Just 457 of these were made in Mexico in 2011. Rare!

Here's one for sale in New Mexico.

P.S. Ripituc: You're a big fan of Autoline. What do you like about it?


Ripituc said...

I've long wondered if some 9-4X might have ended up in Chile. The first pictures were discovered on the local website, after all (

Why I love Autoline? Who else cared about the rarity of the 9-4X?

But really, I love it because it focuses on the business information, the sales and the development of new cars, with some insider information extremely well analyzed by McElroy.

That is what I find really interesting, more than mechanical data or driving impressions, that Autoline also has. But those are the bits that bore me a little.

Even better is when they talk about history or design on the show (with the great Jim Hall, for instance!), or when they invite important executives... my favourite episodes by far: those with Bob Lutz! Here is one:

I just can't have enough of the history of the downfall of General Motors. They just did so much stuff wrong, for so long!

Maxichamp said...

@Ripituc: So what should I start with? Go to their website? Do they have a podcast? Youtube?

Ripituc said...

@Maxichamp: This is their Youtube channel. You might start with today's Daily:

Then this afternoon, check their live episode of Autoline After Hours if you can:

Starts at 6PM Eastern Time.