Thursday, April 17, 2014

Porsche 911 back seat/shelf question

Quick question for you Porsche-philes. 911s, specifically, 993s. Do some come with back seats, and others just shelves? Or do they all have back seats? I understand they're essentially vestigial seats for insurance purposes. Thanks in advance.

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Edvin said...

As far 996s go, the regular Carrera and Turbo models come with "rear seats" (just like in the picture), but the GT3 and GT2 don't.

You CAN fit a regular sized adult back there, but it's far from comfortable and only for the shortest of trips. I think a dog would fit okay. :)

Regarding the 993, if it's even remotely an option, do it. :) That red one you tweeted about is beautiful. Wheeler Dealers recently bought a blue 993 manual Targa. I think it's in S11E02.