Wednesday, April 16, 2014

1999 Ford SVT Contour for sale

I don't think I ever knew this car existed. Apparently, it was supposed to be an M3 fighter. This example looks like it's in pretty decent shape and was well cared for. Anyone know more about this car?


Alan said...

They were adored by the press when new. Not many sold.

The only ones I've seen for the past ten years or so are nearly without exception on cut springs with too-dark tint, cannon exhausts, blacked out tails, and sketchy looking 20 somethings at the wheel.

Odd that no preservationists have taken to collecting them.

Edvin said...

In Europe we know that as the Mondeo. Really, a rival to the M3? You certainly can't blame Ford for lack of ambition.. Granted, the US E36 M3 was weaker than ours, but still, that comparison sounds downright absurd. A Mondeo is just something so fundamentally unsporty, even with the V6 and bigger wheels.

Alan said...


I think this was called the ST170 in Europe. From what I remember reading in the British press of the time it was well-regarded as a sporty middle management type car but not held in the same elevated light as over here.

I always thought it was a bit of a stretch that the US journos compared it to an M3 as well, but for a bit of context we don't get many affordable, sporting, European sedans over here.

Edvin said...

There were two different Mk2 Mondeo STs. The 170hp ST24 and 205hp ST205. The ST170 was a Mk1 Ford Focus. All good and sporty choices in their class (compared to Opel Vectra and VW Passat or Opel Astra and VW Golf), but still the comparison between this and a proper sports car like an M3 is pretty far fetched. I see your point tho..

It's not that it was a bad car in it's class, but I just don't see the appeal of it nowadays, at least at that price. Okay, I understand the rarity factor, but other than that you could do so much better with $4400. It's a really tacky plastic 90's V6 fwd Ford.