Thursday, April 10, 2014

NA 2006 Subaru Legacy 5M

Opinions? Looks well cared for.


Christopher Diamond said...

Might be kinda pokey w/o the turbo. Gotta get the GT:


mtc said...

Yes! Now we're talking.

Echo Christopher Diamond's comment.

Alan said...

I just bought an 06 Outback XT 5-speed. Been hunting for a clean, cared for, low mileage one for literally years.

It's very fast (0-60 5.5), smooth, refined, quiet, and the interior design and quality is fantastic--reminds me of an Audi. They took four steps backwards with the new generation IMO.

It handles well for what it is--a jacked up wagon--but the GT is known to be much better due to the lower suspension and other tweaks.

The one above linked by Christopher is a unicorn. Impossible to find. Identical to mine inside, meaning dual climate control, Momo steering wheel, heated leather power Recaros, a massive dual pane moonroof, and the best stereo I've ever heard in a car.

Do it do it do it do it.

You can borrow my Cobb Accessport and get 300 HP with no effect on driveability or MPG, too.

Edvin said...

IMO Legacy GT > Volvo V50

Richard Chen said...

You probably saw that older Legacy GT at the consignment lot, but this other one Christopher linked to is a fabulous-looking car if it checks out!