Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Carspotting (Paris edition)

First, a few hybrids at the Toyota showroom.

This TS030 is the last gen Le Mans racer.

Toyota A-BAT concept. From the website:
Modern versatility in a compact pickup
The A-BAT is a Toyota concept vehicle that offers customers the versatility of hauling a standard 4x8 sheet of plywood one day, then taking a family on a camping trip the next. It features a 4-foot bed with more flexibility than the standard pickup truck. The translucent roof panel slides open to allow for tall cargo in the cab, and the bed lengthens an additional two feet when the pass-through midgate is folded down into the cab.
The rugged exterior of the A-BAT is contrasted by the 4-passenger modern interior. The door trim, shoulder, armrest and instrument panel pads and seat cushions are made of a tough, lightweight and comfortable material that can be selected for personalization. In addition, the colors are coordinated to enhance the sleek interior environment.
Inside, the A-BAT has a retractable, portable navigation unit with a 7-inch diagonal screen and Wi-Fi Internet. Other advanced features include a port for portable device assistant synchronization and a hard drive for digital music. The solar panels on the dash recapture energy from the sun to assist in the charging of the navigation unit, portable power pack and backlit information displays.

Auris Hybrid. Dear Europeans-- Is this like a Corolla, a Prius, or something else?

And on the streets:

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Edvin said...

Auris was to be the successor of Corolla. For a while they stopped selling the Corolla here, which made all the Corolla fans switch over to KIA, so Toyota had to bring the Corolla back. Nowadays the Auris is a hatchback Corolla. Auris Hybrid is basically a Prius for folks that think they're saving the world but don't want to brag about it. Also available as a slightly larger people carrier version, as is the Prius. Toyota's current lineup is full of unnecessary and overlapping models.