Saturday, January 04, 2014

Flying into primitive Papua

H/t to Motoring Con Brio, aka mtc, for finding this video.


byaryoga said...

Ah, Papua. Land of Paradise, and controversies.

Some notes:
- It was 1972. Yes they didn't have to see iron bird flying every part of the day. Weren't all third world countries hadn't?
- People crowding around the planes, is one of their way of welcoming foreigners.
- In fact, most Indonesian locals were very hospitable to foreigners. Most are still do.
- The bones, feathers, absences of clothes, were just their own (traditional) way of having dress. It was just different, not necessarily primitive.
- With that kind of amazed reactions, he could be surprised with traditional dress of every part of Indonesian locales
- Yes they were not familiar with mirrors, or the absence of the plane's sex. But it was 1972.
- Human right has always been issue to be discussed. But let me tell you a not-so-secret: These issues are maintained issues, either by the "government", local "government," or the forieng-corporate "government." The remote land actually has an abundant amount of gold, which contribute some numbers to the Federal Reserve, and also suspiciously Uranium reserve, all has been going to Freeport since the mid 20th centuries. Who wouldn't want to have a role in playing the issues to that kind of land? It shows that you have power to them.
- Last but not least, Papuas is part of South-East Asia. They're asians, but dark-skinned.

Maxichamp said...

@byaryoga: Thanks for your insight. Did Indonesian Papua and Papua New Guinea ever try to join and become one country?

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