Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Roush Speedster Mustang

On my commute this morning, I saw a white Mustang convertible with a "Speedster" sticker on the door. Apparently, it's a rare Roush edition. And judging by the description from Roush's website, it's more show than performance.

If you can imagine yourself on a warm summer day with the top down and the foot on the accelerator, then the ROUSH® Speedster™ might just be the car for you. Limited to only 100 units, the Speedster™ is an all white convertible with the black ragtop and wheels accented with orange graphics. The Speedster™ is available with a five-speed automatic transmission so you can concentrate on watching the world go by. Rated at 300 horsepower, the ROUSHcharger™ is an available option in case you really want to let loose and run down the highways and byways with 435 horsepower at your command.
Standard Speedster™ content includes the ROUSH® front fascia, hood scoop, rear wing, black leather seats with suede inserts, a high-flow grille and much more.

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