Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Extraordinary interview with Syrian jihadist in English

This young Turkish guy grew up in Holland and joined the Dutch army. He is now in Syria, with a beard, and fighting with the Islamists. He speaks perfect English, likes M&Ms, and wears North Face jackets. This is a must-watch video if you're interested in the Syrian conflict. This is about as informative and as insightful as the Assad-Charlie Rose interview.


Anna said...

Likable but naive young guy.

"An Islamic state founded on Islamic principles will always defend the rights of the innocent"--clearly that's the case with his "brothers" in Al Qaeda, who he also tries to distance himself from in a very careful way.

Interesting, he seems to be conflicted himself in some regards. The "organization" of Dutch society he praises and hopes for the Islamic world is at odds with the fundamentalist state he's fighting for.

I admire his convictions and the main reason he seems to be over there fighting, but feel he'd probably be disappointed if the Jihadists he's fighting actually win and are able to implement rule.

Anna said...

Damnit, logged into the wife's computer.


Maxichamp said...

@Alan: Yeah, he's either very naive or in serious denial. He'll die one way or another within the next three years.

I read somewhere that the Islamists in Syria banned women from sitting on chairs. Unbelievable.