Friday, January 17, 2014

Shelby Dodge Van

Yesterday, Raphael Orlove was kind enough to mention this blog on Jalopnik. The post was about cars that you never knew existed. The comment section was full of weird and wonderful cars. Some I had heard of before. Some were obvious, but made me realize that younger car nuts had no idea what a VW Corrado was. And there were some that I hadn't heard of, despite spending a large part of the last seven years going to car shows and navigating through the dark recesses of the internet.

Here is an example. A 1989 Shelby Dodge van. About 100 were made. They started out as Safari conversion vans. Mr. Shelby slapped on some stickers and pretty much called it the day. It was just a cosmetic package, and Shelby had a cut of every van sold. If that isn't the epitome of selling out, I don't know what is.

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Sanchez said...

Trying to think of cars you may not know.

Nissan Rasheen and Rasheen Forza?
It is JDM inspired by Trabant.
There is one in my city, I need to take a picture of it.

Or Lada 2120?
Minivan based on Lada Niva. Made in small numbers. Few of them here, saw one recently.

What about Mitsubishi Open Gear?
It is a targa top minivan (actually this type of the body is called "brougham") based on MMC Space Gear.
There is one for sale locally.

Or it's brother Mitsubishi Sports Gear?
Technically Lancer Evolution in a shape of minivan.
Seen a few locally.

Will add if I remember anything interesting.