Thursday, January 30, 2014

6 months

Left: What Cooper looked like when we adopted him in July 2013. He was a stray found on the mean streets of Oakland.
Right: Cooper today.


John L said...


augie said...

awesome. he looks happy and healthy.

my sister-in-law rescued a terrier/poodle mix a few months back. we're shocked when we look at the old pictures, too. her first response was, "my dog's getting fat." to which we replied, "stop being an asian mom..." ;)

steve-vh said...

major karma points you've earned there.

Dominic said...

Trying to find a home for a friends Cocker, who looks identical to the second photo. My friend is on a transplant list for a new kidney, and has to keep away from doggies and things.

The good thing is that my friend has organised himself a sterile room to do dialisis at home, and it seems that Zeus, his Cocker, will not need another home.

Shiiite...if my doctor told me to get rid of my Mika (Malinois Belgian Shepard), i would tell him to p*s* off !!