Saturday, January 04, 2014

The assassination of Hezbollah's Hassane Laqees

This New York Times article is fascinating in a number of ways. First, Mossad had put out a hit list of five men it wanted eliminated. They are/were:
1. Imad Mughniey, Hezbollah military leader, killed in car bomb in Damascus.
2. Muhammad Suleiman, Syrian general, shot on a beach by a sniper in Tartus.
3. Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, Hamas commander, strangled in a Dubai hotel room.
4. Hassan Moghaddam, Iranian general, killed in an explosion at a Tehran missile depot.
5. Hassane Laqees, senior Hezbollah commander, shot in Beirut parking garage.

Most likely, all five were killed by Mossad/Israel. However, given the Syrian conflict and Hezbollah's involvement, the number of parties who want to off Laqees is a long one. They include:
1. Israel
2. Fellow Shiites who frowned upon Hezbollah's sectarian meddling in Syria
3. Saudi Arabia
4. Lebanese Sunni militants
5. Al Qaeda
6. Syrian rebels
7. Hezbollah insiders who didn't like Laqee for whatever reason

Damn, that is a long list.

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