Thursday, May 02, 2013

BMW's model line-up bloat

This issue was raised in this week's Hooniverse podcast. The number of BMW models available today is ridiculous. These were the models available in the U.S. in 1986:
  • 325 2-door
  • 325 4-door
  • 325e 2-door
  • 325e 4-door
  • 325es 2-door
  • 524td
  • 528e
  • 535i
  • 635CSi
  • 735i
  • L7
This is the line-up today. I'm not even going to try to type them all.

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Ed Kim said...

In my current State of the Automotive Industry presentation that I do for our clients, I specifically talk about this very issue of microniching at BMW. Once the paragon of simplicity, the BMW lineup by later this year will be selling FIVE variations on the fastback five-door hatch theme. For real.

5er GT
3er GT
4er Gran Coupé