Monday, May 27, 2013


I saw a silver one with the hard top on, accelerating away from me today. It was gorgeous.


F1Outsider said...

These are gorgeous! It's so timeless they look brand-new even today... Just look at how the brand-new Jaguar F-Type resembles it.

I see one every once in a while parked in the parking garage next to my job.

It's always bittersweet seeing it as it's clearly daily driven which is awesome but also sad to see such a collectible car being treated so harshly.

Edvin said...

F1O: Well, at least it's not being driven in the Finnish winter, unlike one I saw fairly recently.

The Z8 hasn't depreciated much, if at all. The better ones go for +$150k in Europe. Very cool car.

Chris Morgan said...

Is it just me, or is every car programme not involving someone from England a bit rubbish?!

Chris Morgan said...

I'm not English by the way