Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shinzo Abe 731 photo

Why this is inappropriate.


Sanchez said...

We have birthday on the same day.

I did not know about this 731 unit. I wonder if any of these animals was at the labour camp (part of GULAG system) which existed in my city during 40's and 50's. There was a big amount of Japanese prisoners of war doing time. They are actually are quite an important part of the history of my city as they built many important buildings when it was established. They are known to be of high quality.

Now there is a GULAG museum near my city which I've been intending to visit since it's opening. I actually doubt exhibition shows how it really was but need to visit.

Japan is such a unique country. It is both fascinating and frightening. For me the biggest
Wonder is how they have such a small amount of non-Japanese immigrants. If you are interested here's an amazing blog of a French living in Japan:

Ripituc said...

Oh, the 731 unit. Terrible, terrible stuff. But is Aba on that plane as a sinister nod to Japanese occupation, or could it be a mistake?

On top of that, should we assume every military display from Japan is a message to China? (probably yes)

Maxichamp said...

@Ripituc: I am sure it was an accident, not intentional. But bad juxtaposition.