Saturday, May 18, 2013

Why I Blog

(Ed.: Allow me to get a little sentimental here.)

I met Peter of Carenvy fame yesterday. He flew down from Edmonton for a Bitcoin convention. When he told me that this is the only blog he checks everyday, it made me really happy.

I started this blog in 2006 because I wanted a creative release and I had a dream of one day writing a book about my travels. I loved cars just as much then, but I didn't know nearly as much about them as I do today. The new knowledge came not only from researching for my posts, but from you, the commenters.

Peter and I talked about that. Though we are from all over the world, we are a group of guys with incredibly similar backgrounds who share a random mix of interests (passionately). We had gone to school for way too long, love obscure vehicles, travel quite a bit, and are interested in geopolitical machinations not usually covered by the mainstream media.

I really appreciate your loyalty and your contributions in the comments. Please keep coming back. And to those of you regular visitors who have not commented, please share your thoughts. We would love to hear from you.

I want to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the regular commenters. If I missed you, I apologize. This is an impressive group with a wealth of knowledge and experience. And as a travel/geography buff, I dig the fact that you are from all over the world.

North America
  • An Edmonton car blogger with a new-found interest in Bitcoins.
  • A Californian with a Ford Falcon XB.
  • A Citroen XM owner.
  • A Porsche 356 owner
  • A San Diegan whose writing talent and knowledge of cars easily got him a gig first at Bring A Trailer, and then at Petrolicious.
  • A Brazilian-American in Miami who is fanatical about F1 and is loyal to Mazda.
  • A Michigander, and possibly the only person in the world, who owned a Hummer H3T.
  • A Texan with a Maserati BiTurbo and an Alfa Romeo Milano.
  • A Floridian who showed me how to strut into any restricted access pit area, without invitation.
  • An Angeleno with a penchant for Warsaw Pact cars.
  • A New England car blogger and student of Eastern Europe.
  • Midelectric (he's a complete mystery to me).
  • MattC, who is currently MIA for some reason.
Central Asia
South America
  • A Chilean who has the same likes and dislikes as me, with the exception of Pinochet.
Again, thanks, gents!

Update 1: And how could I forget New York's Motoring Con Brio, whom I refer to as MTC.


m4ff3w said...

Your blog is beyond great and worth checking multiple times a day.

I was hoping we could grab a beer at V8 Supercars, but it looks like you didn't make it, nor did I. I'm still nursing a broken Fibula.

Thanks for the time and thought you put into your spot in the web.

Maxichamp said...

@m4ff3w: Thanks! You are right, I didn't get to Austin. Sorry about your fib. I got your cars correct, correct?

m4ff3w said...

Yes, at one time. I sold the X1/9, XR4ti, and Milano.

Now I just have the Bitrouble, wife's 190e 2.6, and a Pajero (92 Montero)

I really miss the Alfa though.

F1Outsider said...

Keep up the good posts and we'll keep commenting. =)

Funny thing is I had forgotten about that interview.

Also funny because I'm looking at trading my car... I'm looking at either a Mustang or Camaro... Big & heavy I know. But I've never had a V8 car and they're the best bargains out there. Also I'm still young enough where it's not a "mid-life" crisis purchase. With the right options package they also handle pretty well for their size.

zackswheels said...

I'm really touched! Thanks you!

I can't remember how I found your blog all those years ago, but I remember the post that bought me here, it was about Mil-spec version of the Mercedes G-Class. I kept poking around and loved what I found. I've been coming back ever since.

I cite you and and a couple of others as big factors that got me writing and blogging. Thanks for that!

Lukas said...

Woot! Appreciate the effort that goes into this and your other online writings - I for one would not have the patience & commitment.

3x 6.9s are still there - leaking mystery fluids as ever. Got a 450 about a year and a bit ago too, so that makes 28.7L of MB v8s!

Ozmac said...

I found your blog while researching a post I was doing on the Mercedes Rennestransporter; it was on the strength of that, and subsequent browsing, that I decided I should tap into your musings. Your Twitter feed is good value, too, Jim. Keep going!

Maxichamp said...

@Zack: Yup, I am really glad to hear that you and Alan started blogging in part due to this blog. It's a win-win for everybody.

Maxichamp said...

@Lukas: I may end up with some kind of record for not letting my blog lapse. It's become a routine, and it helps when I know there are people out there checking daily. I skip postings only when I am out of town or something major happens in town.

Maxichamp said...

@Ozmac: Thanks! I hung out with a guy visiting from Melbourne yesterday. I really need to visit Australia soon.

Edvin said...

I second everything nice that's been said above. I think my first visit was when I stumbled upon your post about Karl Lagerfeld's BMW and I too have been coming back ever since. There's not a single subject you write about that doesn't interest me and even though I rarely comment on the geopolitical stuff I do enjoy it too. Keep up the good work! I hope you haven't given up on writing the book.

P.S. My eternal project is on an indefinite hiatus due to... life, but it hasn't been forgotten about.

midelectric said...

I can't remember how I first landed here but I shared your interest in travel, cars, geopolitics, etc. so I keep coming back. It's the only blog I comment on, thinking about it. atm I have 4 cars (3 too many), an Alfa Milano (for sale m4ff3w), 89 eMR2 EV conversion, 2012 LEAF and a Mazda5. My blog's at Thanks for the mention and I don't mean to be a mystery!

Sanchez said...

Made me feel a bit more important :D

Thanks for your blog!
There is very little amount of both adequate and interesting blogs out there. And yours is on top of them.

I don't remember when and why I discovered your blog first. But I was surprised that there is a blogger who is interested in cars and my country at the same time.

Would love to have some cool caption as well.
Perhaps " whose mother drives Nissan Juke Turbo" or "who has a friend working in Pininfarina".
I don't have any interesting achievements myself as of now as I am just an university student.

Alan said...

Your blog is a gem, a totally unique mix of subjects written in an unpretentious, thoughtful way. I check back several times a day, every day, the only site I check on the weekend.

Like Zack said, you're a big inspiration, and instrumental in me getting a toe in the a door to my dream career. Thanks for all the great advice, too. Hope to meet you someday so I can thank you in person.

Don't ever stop.

P.S. I prefer to think of myself as a Chicagoan who happens to live in San Diego ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks for putting me in the list! Can't recall how I came to read the blog. I do recall recognizing the locations of some photos and figured out you were nearby. All went from there. Keep up the good work!

B with the XB

Ripituc said...

I loved my description!

I recall finding your blog because of your posts on your trip to Chile, starting to post because I wanted to add more info and likely oppose some of your views, hehe.

Then I found your car posts. And your geopolitics news. The rides of world leaders, for instance. All very interesting stuff that made me love your blog.

steve-vh said...

One of the very few blogs(as in 3, down from 10) that I try hard to check up on every day.
I believe I fortuitously came here long ago from Bring a Trailer but stuck around for many, many reasons.