Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The missing tourist

A local couple in their mid-20s went trekking through South America.  They posted Facebook updates daily while they visited Argentina and Chile.  Then, they got to Peru.  Radio silence.  No internet activity for weeks.  Money had not been withdrawn during the same period of time.  The worst was feared.  Their families back home were hysterical.  Co-workers and friends pooled money together for an award.

The authorities just found them.  On a river boat to Ecuador.  They had no internet access and had no idea people were looking for them.

The story caught my attention for two reasons.  One, their families could not have picked a douchier looking picture of the "missing" man.  I feel bad, as he is probably a nice guy.

Second, I have reconsidered my Central America itinerary.  I will not try to partially cross the Darien Gap.  I can't bare to put my wife and mother through the agony.  Plus, I don't have a decent picture of myself.

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mtc said...

I think it is okay to go 'offline' for awhile as long as people know about it and are expecting it. It sounds like these two did so without any notice, which is probably what caused these problems. I think they could have been avoided with better communication.