Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Driving a very rare Gullwing Mercedes

Check out the incredible video here.

I have had the fortune of having seen almost two dozen Gullwings at various car shows. But I've only seen one on the road. A happy gray-haired couple were in a beautiful black one on the freeway about ten miles from home. I really need to track them down and try to get a ride.

Here is a 300SLR that raced in the 1955 Mille Miglia. I took this shot when I visited the Mulhouse museum in Alsace in 2005. Does anyone know what that dark gray patch on the hood/bonnet is for?


Sanchez said...

300 SL and 300 SLR are pretty different cars. 300 SL is a road car made of parts taken from other models in Mercedes line up while 300 SLR is technically Formula 1 car (W196) with Gullwing body

Manuel said...

The dark patch is actually the air intake. Its a cloth patch that lets air through.

steve-vh said...

that's what I thought, air intake.