Saturday, February 23, 2013

2 Citroen DS Safaris

As I mentioned previously, I went to Hanzel's during lunch yesterday to check on the progress of Tim's DS.  As we left for bacon cheeseburgers, Tim asked, "Did you see the two wagons I just picked up?"

Tim found these two non-running wagons in rural California.  They were stored in a large warehouse along with tons of Citroen parts.

Here is the first wagon.

This example came with air conditioning, which is apparently a rare option.

I love these clamshell tail hatches.  That thin bar on the passenger side holds the gate up.  A press of the release button on the bar, and the gate closes.

This jumpseat is in pretty good condition.

Here is the second wagon that Tim picked up.

I think Tim just stuffed as many parts as he could into the wagons and ran off like a bandit.


cdcict said...

Looking to find a new home for a US-spec right front fender for a Cit DS...1970, 71, or thereabouts. Complete with headlights -- and the headlight set for the left front side as well. How do I find somebody who needs this?

Pasha Omar said...

Hi i need most of the parts since im building my citroen ds from me

Pasha Omar said...

Hi..i need most of the parts since im building my citroen ds from scratch. I just bought the body..

Pasha Omar said...

Reach me at