Tuesday, February 12, 2013

LA to San Francisco via Highway 101

This weekend, we are going down to LA. There are three ways to get down there. The Pacific Coast Highway is the most scenic, but takes forever. Interstate 5 is the quickest, but is dull. Highway 101 is the happy medium. We're probably going to make stops in San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, and Santa Barbara.

Here is a creative time lapse video of a road trip in a Jaguar XJS.


Ozmac said...

Gosh that looks like Australian countryside! You've even got our gum trees.

Alan said...

We're off to Apartheid-era South Afr, er, Phoenix, for a Louis CK HBO special taping. Gonna check out Taliesen West afterwards. Rented a MKIII Focus, hopefully that's what we get, interested to try it out but the last three times I've rented a Focus it morphed into something much less cool come pickup time.

Going to try to make it to LA after this coming C&C for lunch at Animal.

Have fun.