Monday, February 18, 2013

Phaeton versus Bigass Tumbleweed

The weekend road trip was a success.  The only hiccup happened on our way home this afternoon.  Somewhere on I-5 south of Santa Nella, a tumbleweed the size of a Smart car hit the Phaeton head-on.  It knocked the driver's side rear view mirror loose.  At speed, it now vibrates and every time I shut the door, it shifts.  There are also scratches on the hood, driver's side fender, A-pillar, rear view mirror, and front door.

It happened just like this, except there was no laughing.

These will buff out, right?

1 comment:

mtc said...

Sorry to hear, and certainly glad it wasn't any worse. That looks like something a good detailer should be able to address, yes.