Wednesday, June 27, 2012

23 hour Orange County trip wrap-up

1. Failed to see Senna's McLaren because Marconi Museum is closed for remodeling. Will reopen on August 1.
2. Ended up having beers with Hooniverse's Jeff Glucker at bar inside Bloomingdales(!).
3. Friend told me about his Project Car Hell BMW 600 at a tiki bar in Downtown Disney. (See second picture below.)
4. Napped through 80% of Spain v. Portugal. I do not understand the draw of football.
5. Spent a frantic two minutes at airport gas station trying to find interior fuel door release handle. While skimming owner's manual, Good Samaritan told me to just push the door, which worked.
6. At airport now and afraid to try a Cinnabon.

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