Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day-- Part 1

JC Penney is an old clothing store chain in America.  In order to boost sagging sales, it hired Ellen DeGeneres, a talk show host/comedian, as its spokesperson.  She also happens to be a prominent lesbian.  A conservative online group called One Million Moms immediately started an unsuccessful boycott of the store chain for promoting sin.

JC Penney responded to the protest with this Father's Day ad (see above).  Here are the dads in the ad.  They are not actors.

Incidentally, One Million Moms has a problem with a lot of other stuff on TV, including this cheeky ad for drain cleaner.


Viva Chile! said...

I'm surprised for how quickly homosexuality is becoming an accepted, almost mainstream thing in many countries. At least that it what it looks like in the USA and even here in Chile.

Did you see the Chevrolet ad supporting a gay event in Detroit?

Maxichamp said...

@Viva: I saw the Volt ad, but not the gay event ad.

The large scale acceptance and wooing of gays and lesbians by large corporations is very new and sudden. It coincided with a recent survey of Americans. For the first time, something like 51% of Americans support gay marriage.

I think a lot of this change has been due to television in our popular culture. It really started with the sitcom Will & Grace. Since then, dozens of scripted shows and reality shows have featured gays and lesbians. I believe this has changed the mindset of many people.

The older generation is more conservative. The younger generation is overwhelming for gay rights. I truly believe that Mitt Romney will be the last American presidential candidate to oppose gay marriage. It is inevitable.

Do you have any links to Chilean ads featuring gays and lesbians? I would like to see those.

midelectric said...

I suspect the biggest problem OMM has with that ad is that plumbers rarely look anything like the guys in that ad.