Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australian PM whisked away in a Holden

Protestors surround the PM outside a restaurant.  Mayhem ensues.  Shoe is lost.  This was apparently over some insensitive remarks made by opposition leader Tony Abbott.  Perhaps our Australian friends can shed some more light on the controversial statement (and why the PM's car is always white).


Ozmac said...

The Aussie PM's cars have been white for many years, probably to symbolise the purity of their motives.

(The protest itself was on Australia Day, which the Aborigines now mark each year as Invasion Day. The remarks by the opposition leader were misquoted to the Invasion Day crowd, and from that misquote trouble ensued rapidly. Bad look all round.) I'm no supporter of Abbott, but he was not to blame this time round.

Maxichamp said...

@Ozmac: Thanks for the insight (automotive and political). I assumed it was white because it's so hot Down Under.

Lukas said...

Very good question - I went and had a look, and while I couldn't find the answer I did find that one of the first white cars was Whitlam's (a more notable Prime Minister) 450SEL. The cars were generally black then, and seem to have become white over time since.

If you've got a lot of time on your hands, have a read through: