Friday, January 27, 2012

2011 sales figures for American cars sold in Japan

Photo source.

Jeep: 3,154
Ford: 3,469
Chevrolet: 1,268
Cadillac: 1,392
Dodge: 1,106
Chrysler: 611
GMC: 117
Hummer: 159
Pontiac: 12
Buick: 11
Saturn: 1
Total: 11,300

For comparison's sake, Porsche sold 12,978 Cayennes in the United States in 2011.


MiscellanyEsq said...

I want to know who loves Saturns so much to have one specially imported!

Ripituc said...

I can't see a single reason for a Japanese buying most US cars, other than being some kind of US-groupie.

Jeeps I can understand, and big SUV (that won't fit in the smaller streets, I guess) too. But a Saturn? A Buick?

And by the way, Saturns were sold in Japan when new...

I remember reading of Saturn exports (to Japan and Taiwan) as a source of pride for GM and a sign of things to come for the brand... yeah, right!

Gavin said...

Maybe it was a Saturn Astra (same car as the Opel Astra).