Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Corruption in China, a case study

Chinese sanitation worker pay stub.  Monthly net income: 1,061.08 RMB = $168.14.  Source.

Chinese government and Communist Party officials are a bit extravagant with their car purchases.  For example,
  • a $560,000 chocolate-colored Bentley registered in Beijing to the CCP,
  • the People's Liberation Army has a $330,000 black Maserati, and
  • about 20,000 Audi A6s are owned by government officials.
So the well-meaning central government wants to curb excessive spending by limiting the cost of the cars and their engine sizes.  So what happens as a result?  There is a run on "2.0 liter" badges to downgrade the luxury cars.  And what's worse?  The corrupt officials demand inflated receipts on these badge purchases to pad their expense accounts.  Un-f'ing-believable.


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Ripituc said...

Still, looking at what China have done and where the other communist governments have gone... it could be far worse.