Sunday, January 08, 2012

1990 Lotus Elan review

Over on Hooniverse, there is a discussion about the Isuzu-powered, front wheel drive, Lotus Elan.  Has anyone here had any experience with the car?


Viva Chile! said...

Sounds like it was a pretty respectable car, after all.

It was made by Kia after Lotus production ended:

kashgar216 said...

@Viva: Wow! I had no idea. Thanks for the link.

MattC said...

I actually saw one in Maryland in the summertime this past year. It still is an attractive car. As an aside, what a difference the old Top Gear is to the revamped Top Gear.

Alan said...

The manager of a local Walgreens owned one when I was growing up on the south side of Chicago. It was a really neat little car, and I remember oogling it with friends everytime we drove by on our BMXs.

I vaguely recall one of the big American car mags campaigning Kia to bring the Elan back to the US.