Thursday, January 26, 2012

Heidfeld has a job!

Rebellion Racing (FIA World Endurance Championship) has hired Heidfeld.  He will race in Sebring, Spa, and Le Mans.

Has anyone here been to Sebring?  How are the track, facilities, and town?


F1Outsider said...

Haven't been to the 12 hours Sebring yet, but will go this year.

From what I know, the track is just a big campground where people party all weekend and watch race cars go by once in a while.

I've been through the town of Sebring on some of my Florida road trips and it's nothing to write home about. Just a quiet place in the middle of Florida.

kashgar216 said...

@F1O: Say hi to Nick for me.

What do you think will happen to Jarno, Petrov, and Liuzzi?

What website should I go to for endurance racing analysis/gossip?

F1Outsider said...

Petrov has been anounced as the Pirelli test driver this year.

Jarno has a contract for now and Caterham doesn't seem to be in need of funding, so as long as he performs he'll stay. That is if there's no back-end deal with Red Bull. Who knows?

Liuzzi... No idea! Gotta feel bad for him though. He can probably make a good career in sports car racing.

I don't follow endurance racing so closely. Most of the news I read is either on or spillover news on F1 blogs. I can't name any blogs that are specific to endurance racing.