Thursday, June 26, 2008

Octopussy (1983) Chase One

This chase is the opening sequence for the movie. A sultry lady drives Bond to a South American air force base in a two door Range Rover convertible towing a horse trailer.

Bond impersonates an officer and is promptly arrested. He is taken away in the back of an army GMC truck.

Bond's companion distracts the guards and Bond jumps into the back of the Rover. He promptly blasts the driver of the GMC truck, sending it crashing into a farmhouse. A number of army vehicles, including two motorcycles, two Jeeps, and two Dodges begin chasing the Rover.

Bond climbs into the horse trailer, disconnects it from the Rover, and out comes the Acrojet.

After kicking some serious ass and blowing up an airplane hangar, Bond escapes and lands at a filling station.


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