Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"Deranged Narcissism"

Yup, that's how Jeffrey Toobin described the Clintons and Hillary Clinton's non-concession speech tonight. And you know what, Toobin is right. After a dirty and egomaniacal campaign in which the Clintons double-handedly tore apart the Democratic Party, Hillary has the nerve to now hold Obama hostage. And for what?

I sent you all to a senseless war so that I can win the presidency.

If you are as sick and tired of this sad and bizarro campaign as I am, go to Hillary's website and tell her what you really think. Or, if you agree with her, go ahead and encourage her to stay in this hopeless charade in which the only likely outcome is a bitterly divided party and four more years of war, sabre-rattling, and a do-nothing approach to tackling any and all domestic issues. Go ahead, I dare you.


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