Friday, June 13, 2008

Goldfinger (1964) Chase Three

Bond is chased in his gadget-laden DB5 by four Swiss-registered Mercedes W180s loaded with machine gun-wielding Chinese goons.

This will go down as one of the more forgetable car chase sequences only because it was so dark and poorly shot. In the first half of the scene, Tilly Masterson rides with Bond as he shows off his gadgets.

The DB5's smokescreen causes the first W180 to crash into a tree.

The DB5's rear oil gun sends the second W180 down a sheer cliff to a toasty end.

We also see the bulletproof shield in use. Unfortunately, Tilly is knocked down with Oddjob's hat.

The ejector seat is used as well.

Finally, just before Bond loses the fight by crashing into a brick wall, he shows off the machine guns hidden behind the DB5's parking lights.


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