Saturday, June 14, 2008

Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Chase Three

A great look back at Downtown Vegas, circa 1971, with The Golden Nugget and The Pioneer Club at their best. It was also a time when insurance underwriters had not yet realized how dangerous it was to shoot an elaborate nighttime car chase scene with unprotected gawkers just feet away from the action.

Bond and Case are in downtown. A local sheriff and his deputy pull their Mustang over in their black and white Ford. The Mustang escapes.

A battalion of blue and white Nevada Highway Patrol Fords join the chase. A trailer in a parking lot is used by the Mustang to jump over cars. At least seven NHP cars are disabled in the lot.

The chase ends with the two original cars: the Mustang and the black-and-white. The Mustang is chased down a narrow alleyway. It hops onto two wheels to make the successful getaway.



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