Friday, December 20, 2013

Simulated car rollover

Yesterday, I threw up a post on Crasstalk asking people about their favorite museums. I got a lot of great answers. Mine is the National Auto Museum in Mulhouse, France. One of the highlights is this Peugeot rollover simulator, although when I visited in 2005, they used an old 205.


Sanchez said...

Not sure if it fits.

I studied in Torino, Italy one year. As Italy and surrounding countries have very rich culture and history I tried to visit as many musems, festivals and exhibitions as I could. Most of them were amazing except for modern art events. As you expect my favourites are car related.

The best thing I have ever been to is an event - Coppa Intereuropa in Monza.
It is something like Italian analogue of Goodwood Festival of Speed. Just incredible.

Second best is Dream Exhibition of Italian concept cars. It happened once in 2008.

Also very interesting thing is Alpini day in Italy. They are Italian elite military squad, something like Seals in the US.
Each year they choose different city in Italy and occupy it for a week. During that week city is full of fun.
In former USSR there is a similar day for troops. It is infamous for stupid stuff that drunk troops do so common people prefer to stay away from public places.
To my wonder Italians behaved very friendly and it was great time not only for them but for citizens.

Maxichamp said...

@Sanchez: Thanks for sharing. Did you study design in Torino?

Sanchez said...

Indeed. Car design. But I didn't finish the course. How do you know?

Maxichamp said...

@Sanchez: Isn't design the only thing you can study in Torino? Are you a designer now by occupation?

Sanchez said...

Well, there is no doubt that Torino is the world capital of car design. But it also many other things. Very underrated city in my opinion. If you ever visit Italy I would suggest not to choose Milan over Torino.

There are two big state universities in Torino - University of Turin and Polytechnic University of Turin. Both are very big and have more than 100 000+ students together. So you can imagine there are many courses to study.

Unfortunately my university was neither of them. It was private little university with limited facilities.

Right now I am studying Engineering in my country.